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About Us

img_0010CB Displays International was started as a labor service company in 1969 by Carl (CB) and Ann Birsa in Chicago. Carl’s trademark Sherlock Holmes style hat conjures fond memories in the industry and inspired our slogan, “Trade show services are no mystery to CB.” Our Las Vegas office was opened in 1976 by Dennis, Carl and Ann’s son, and is now the company headquarters. CB is the oldest licensed trade show contractor in Las Vegas.

Today CB works typically with many companies in the
trade, being an extension service arm of their business. Our roots are in labor services and for over 20 years, we have been an OSPI – Octanorm Service Partner International. We have a substantial inventory of Octanorm materials as well as booth furnishings, carpeting, and provide local warehousing and freight logistic services. CB is also a general contractor providing contracting services in the Las Vegas market for private and small to medium events.

Remember…tradeshows are no mystery to CB!